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Guide to building your own show

Big Sky Fireworks is proud to be able to offer a Self Service Program for organizations like Fire Departments, Lions Club, Kiwanis and other non-profit organizations that enjoy giving back to their community. This program includes all of the equipment needed to set up and fire the show along with yearly training and guidance in making sure your show is safe and a success.

Big Sky Fireworks makes it easy to create and design your own show. We have developed our own rack system and show design which allows you to learn our format and create a great show for your budget. Here are some things to know about our formats:

Our show format consists of 3 easy components:

  1. Opening Finale (5% product): the opening finale will draw your crowds attention and signals the beginning of the show.
  2. Aerial Program (80% product): the aerial program will consist of a barrage of shells that have all kinds of different effects that can even include hearts and smiley faces.
  3. Grand Finale (15% product): The best is on its way, your grand finale will leave your crowd screaming for more.


Contact us to receive more information about how we can help you build a show for your community.

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